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about us

We are a commercial real estate investing business providing, maintaining, and improving real estate with exceptional service.

We have a genuine passion for real estate and are continually looking to build relationships with investors and vendors.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, high levels of communication, and personalized relationships.

Luke 6:31 is how we choose to run our business, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

We are have aggressive growth plans for the upcoming years.

Our plan

  • Deliver > 11% CoC returns, > 17% IRR, > 21% AAR over the life of the investments.
  • Select areas with market growth opportunity.
    • Multifamily Apartment Communities
    • Self-Storage Facilities
    • Mobile Home Parks
  • Focus on value-add properties, which can create attractive upside while limiting risk.


  • Offer accredited investors an opportunity to grow their wealth with real estate.
  • Raise private equity to provide investment opportunities with experienced syndicates.


Starbuck Apartment

Units: 16 | Projected CoC: 16.9% | Projected IRR: 24.1% | Realized COC: 29.3%

Located in Starbuck Minnesota, Prime Estates offers a well-managed and affordable living experience for Western MN residents.  This property has value-add renovation opportunities to over half the apartment units, which will drive rent to market rates.


Other investments

Units: 9

Various single family investments throughout Minnesota that cash flow in the mid-teens. Properties will be exchanged for larger investments in the upcoming years.


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The Team

Taylor picture.jpg

Taylor witt


Taylor brings extensive experience in real estate from single-family to commercial deals.  With over seven years' experience within real estate, Taylor has closed on over 20 investment properties.  He currently owns and operates over 25 investment units.  Taylor has a knack for analytics and developing streamlined business processes.  He graduated from St. Cloud State University with a statistics major while playing collegiate basketball.

Jessica picture.jpg

jessica witt

Business Manager

Jessica provides a background of business with her years of experience at Target Corporation. She is very knowledgeable and passionate in the areas of long-term value creation, partnerships, and customer centric relations and results. Jessica graduated from NDSU in Fargo with her apparel and textiles major and business minor, #GoBison!